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Home Theater

Recreate a cinematic experience in your own home with a state-of-the-art home theatre system from Harrison Homes & Solutions.
Once the reserve of only the wealthiest homeowners, home theatre systems are now within reach of more and more people around the world, and in South Africa. With this exciting technology, homeowners are able to reproduce the experience of being in a cinema in their own homes, creating the exact mood and feeling of being at the movies through the use of audio-visual and surround sound systems.
Harrison Homes & Solutions provides all the components required to set up a home theater system in your entertainment area. From homes to hotels, we’ve got the highest quality surround sound and home theatre systems for every requirement and budget.
Contact us now for a quote, and discover just how affordable it is to install a home theatre system in your home, venue or hotel.

The latest home theatre systems & surround sound

Nowadays, televisions and surround sound systems are so advanced that with the right system installed, you can enjoy an authentic cinema experience in your very own home. And there are plenty of advantages to this: You save on expensive movie tickets (and the even higher price of 3D tickets); you avoid the pricy popcorn and cold drinks, and you don’t have to deal with ringing cell phones, noisy viewers or latecomers.
Home theater systems are also great for watching the game, listening to music or playing the latest video games – all with superior audiovisual quality. They’re ideal for keeping kids entertained, or gathering your friends to watch the big game. The possibilities are almost endless!
The latest home theatre systems feature crisp surround sound, crystal clear images and, quite simply put, a truly electrifying audiovisual experience. Investing in one of these captivating systems will bring many hours – and years – of enjoyment and entertainment.

Get a quote for surround sound & home theater systems

Home theatre systems are more affordable than ever before, enabling more individuals to enjoy this advanced technology in their own homes. Once installed, they’re easy to use, require little or no maintenance, and will transform your home into the ultimate entertainment hotspot.
Harrison Homes & Solutions offers a range of home theatre systems and surround sound solutions to meet any requirements or budgets. And in fact, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that these systems are more affordable than you may think!
Contact us today to get a quote for home theatre systems and surround sound, or find out more about our other audiovisual and home automation products now.

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