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Lighting control

Have you considered the many ways in which lighting control could change the way you live, work and play? And the ways in which it could enhance your enjoyment of your home?
Lighting is one of the fundamental components of any space, enabling (or inhibiting) the completion of tasks and activities – but it doesn’t have to be merely functional. Certainly, without effective lighting, any working or living space would be virtually unusable. However, lighting is also a key interior design element, creating the ideal ambience for an event, or simply for your day-to-day living.
Harrison Homes & Solutions offers an extensive range of lighting control options designed to match the tastes and styles of homeowners and business owners alike. These advanced systems help to reduce costs and maximise energy efficiency while adding a sophisticated design element to your home, office or venue.
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Lighting control benefits for office and home

Effective lighting is requirement in almost every type of building, sometimes throughout the day. But traditional lighting – be it residential or commercial – does not come cheap, both in terms of actual cost and environmental impact. Moreover, this type of lighting is often purely functional – hardly the type of design element to enhance your comfort or your home.
Lighting control optimises the use of lights by reducing costs and environmental impact, while boosting the aesthetic allure of a residence, office or venue. State-of-the-art lighting control systems from Harrison Homes & Solutions offer a range of benefits to enhance your lifestyle and your comfort, including:
• Energy and cost savings: Up to 20% of a household’s electricity usage can be attributed to its lighting, and this figure doubles for commercial buildings. Lighting control, such as dimming systems, can significantly reduce the amount of energy used without compromising comfort, and in many cases even adds to the appeal of a room.
• Boosted productivity: Incorrect lighting, particularly in offices, can hinder workers’ ability to complete tasks, as too much harsh lighting can make it difficult to concentrate. Dimmers give employees the ability to control their own lighting – and in turn, this may also save energy.
• Improve comfort and convenience: Lighting control can be used to support your activities throughout the day: Brighter when you are working; dimmer when you are relaxing. You enjoy optimal control of your lighting, whatever your needs.
• Increased security: Lights play a vital role in increasing the safety of a property. Thanks to lighting control, you can ensure that any space is properly lit at any time of day, whether or not you’re at home. Additional safety features, such as fire alarms and security systems, can also be integrated.

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