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Multiroom audio and Video

A multiroom audio system is one of the foundations of a home automation system, enabling you to listen to your favourite music in any room of the house, regardless of where your home entertainment system is set up. Best of all, this technology is available at a price that suits any budget, which means that just about any homeowner can experience the pleasure of multiroom audio.
Harrison Homes & Solutions offers a wide range of multiroom audio solutions that give you control of your entire home entertainment system at the touch of a button. Most importantly, we use the highest quality components to ensure that you enjoy a superior audio experience every time. SpeakerCraft are the leaders in in-wall speakers and home audio products, and we are confident in installing these exceptional speakers in homes around South Africa.
View our complete range of SpeakerCraft multiroom audio products now, or contact us to discuss the ideal multiroom audio solution for your home and budget.

Home entertainment system: For indoor & outdoor listening pleasure

The latest multiroom audio systems enable you to listen to your favourite music anywhere in your home, and even outdoors! SpeakerCraft prides itself on transforming regular homes into people’s unique expressions of style, helping them to turn their homes into an entertainer’s dream or a personal piece of music paradise.
Use your home entertainment system to set the mood for a romantic dinner, or take your summertime party outdoors with a sultry soundtrack playing in the background. Whip up a scrumptious Sunday morning breakfast to the sounds of weekend radio, or take in a gorgeous sunset to a soothing lounge track. And you’ll really bring movies to life! There’s no limit to the options at your fingertips when you add multiroom audio technology to your home entertainment system.

Multiroom audio speaker range from SpeakCraft

SpeakerCraft’s wide range of products includes:
• In-ceiling speakers including aimable in-ceiling speakers, custom round series in-ceiling speakers and Accufit in-ceiling speakers
• In-wall speakers including AIM cinema in-wall speakers, AIM cinema dipole in-wall speakers and AIM LCR in-wall speakers
• Outdoor speakers, including in-ground subwoofer system, outdoor elements speakers and Ruckus landscape speakers
• Amplifiers/Controllers including 12-channel amplifiers, multi-zone controllers, EZ-pads and mode.

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Enjoy your home like never before with Harrison Homes & Solutions’ multiroom audio systems – they’re more affordable than you may think.
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